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One of my goals after I move into a new apartment this month is to cook more dinners. It is a huge cost saver and I surprisingly don't hate cooking as much as I did a year ago. Mostly because I've discovered cooking chicken is way easier than I thought, and also I am fairly tired of ramen and frozen things. Just kidding, I would never get sick of ramen. But seriously, I will be cooking more over the next year, so to help me out, I created a weekly dinner menu planner to print out and write over the weekend. This way I can go grocery shopping on a more consistent basis -- Right now I go around every 4 months. I eat all of my food in 2 weeks. The remainder of the time I eat out. Do the math. It's not good for my wallet. Plus, now I'll have more than just myself to cook for, which means more motivation! We'll see how long this lasts.

I made my simple weekly menu planner available for you all to download in case you're cooking/grocery shopping challenged like yours truly. Just download, print it out, cut each sheet in half and bind together in some fashion. Done and done. Now go find some recipes! 

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