Letterpress Class

I was lucky enough to attend another on one of Oh Happy Day's workshops a couple of weeks ago! This time it was letterpress, which I have been dying to learn for the longest time. Of course I left that night wanting to quit my job, buy a huge letterpress, and spend the rest of my days printing on beautiful cotton pieces of paper (one day...). I didn't take pictures during the process like I did for the last screenprinting workshop, but here are some finished product pictures. We letterpressed 10 thank you cards and 10 happy birthday cards. I'm in love!

Now, who wants to buy me a letterpress for my birthday? Any takers?

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Digital Art

This digital painting of Morgan Freeman blows my mind!

Painted by Kyle Lambert The world's most realistic finger painting. Using only a finger, an iPad Air and the app Procreate, artist Kyle Lambert has painted a photorealistic portrait of actor Morgan Freeman. Original Photograph Taken by Scott Gries - Music by Richard Woolgar