Darby Smart Coasters DIY

darby smart coasters.png

A few months ago I was chosen as a Darby Smart designer, and it took me no time to figure out what craft I wanted to do! I bought materials from the Darby Smart online supply store, and went to work on my wood slice coasters as soon as everything arrived.


  • Wood slices
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Felt
  • White paint pen
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Clear Finish spray (optional)

Step No. 1 - Paint the top of each wood slice with black acrylic paint. I got mine from Michael's, they have lots of paint options. A variation would be to buy chalkboard paint instead of regular acrylic.

Step No. 2 - While paint is drying, cut out circular shapes out of the piece of felt (also got from Michael's) to place on the bottom of your wood slices. You don't want your coasters scratching your table!

Step No. 3 - Attach the felt pieces to the bottom of the slices with Elmer's Craft Bond spray adhesive. I chose spray adhesive just because it's convenient and easy to use, but other adhesives would work just as well.

Step No. 4 - Use the white paint pen to write whatever you want on the coasters. I wrote "Cheers" in four different languages, but you could write fun messages like "Bottoms up!"

Step No. 5 - If you want, you can seal your coasters with a clear finishing spray. This would hopefully prevent them from getting ruined if they get wet from glasses. 

Step No. 6 - Invite some friends over for drinks and enjoy your unique, new coasters!

Weekend DIY

20140328 DIY.png

No 1. This wood triangle necklace requires some power tools, but would be totally worth it.

No 2. I'm thinking about making this jewelry block holder for our new place because I'm seriously lacking in jewelry storage space.

No 3. Loving this minimal mountain clock. I'm not sure if I would be able to read the time accurately, but that's what cell phones are for, right?

No 4. These alphabet containers would be a cute way to hold all of the odds and ends on your desk.

No 5. I don't have a desktop computer, but I do have a mouse to use with my laptop. Perhaps this great suede gold polka dot mouse pad is in order.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Weekend DIY

I'm moving today! Obviously I wrote this earlier in the week, because at this very moment I am probably carrying furniture and boxes up and down stairs and into moving trucks. And when I say "I am" I really mean "my man friend is" because let's be honest, everyone knows I'm as weak as a 12-year-old boy. Possibly weaker. I'm not sure how strong 12-year-olds are these days.

I can't wait to share pictures of our new apartment once we are settled. Unfortunately, I'm losing my desk because there isn't enough space, but I'm gaining a lot of light/windows so fingers crossed I can take better pictures of my work!

20140321 DIY.png

Back story on the crafts today -- I kill plants. Fact. I even tried succulents, which people always say you can't kill. They died within 2 weeks. Maybe it had something to do with never seeing the sun and not have any drainage and me pretty much completely ignoring them and hoping they would stay pretty forever. Maybe not though. In honor of my dead plants and future dead plants, I put together the cutest DIY pots for those of you lucky enough to understand what keeps a plant alive (I took science growing up so you would think I would know and be able to execute).

No 1. These geometric tiny plant pots are adorable.

No 2. The design possibilities are endless with these stamped clay pots

No 3. Gold leaf cement pots. A combination of my two favorite things -- gold and cement (I'm a civil engineer)!**

No 4. This twine pot tutorial is so easy it's embarrassing.

No 5. Love the color combination on these gray and white succulent pots.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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** Just to be clear, cement is not seriously one of my favorite things.

Oh Happy Day Screenprinting

On Saturday, Kait and I were lucky enough to attend one of Oh Happy Day's screen printing workshops at her studio sponsored by Bing. We had such a great time! We spent the first part of the 2 hours learning from Andy Kane about the process of screen printing and how to make your own screens (time consuming and difficult, but I really want to try it sometime). Andy was a great teacher and easy to follow despite the seemingly complicated content. Then onto the printing!

American Apparel supplied everyone with one (super soft) tri-blend t-shirt for printing. Jordan (of Oh Happy Day) encouraged us to bring anything else we wanted to screen print in addition to our free shirt and tote. And everyone took it to heart! People brought such fun things, including clutches, onsies, aprons, and lunch bags. I was not as creative, and simply brought t-shirts for my nieces, my sister, and my man. I love how they turned out though!

We were given the cutest goody bags on the way out -- They had Caldrea hand soap, a fun paper garland from Makeshop, 3 pocket-size notebooks from a store called Plumb Goods, and hipster temporary Tattly tattoos.

I would absolutely love to take another class from Oh Happy Day, not to mention figure out how to make my own screens so I can screen print calligraphy all day every day! Thank you to Oh Happy Day for such a great afternoon, and thank you to Bing for sponsoring it! Let's do it again soon.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Weekend DIY

1 more week before I move into my new apartment! I can't wait. Unfortunately with moving comes packing, so instead of doing crafts this weekend I will be boxing up my room and hauling everything 3 miles away to a brand new place. Hopefully you all will have time for some of these great DIYs!

20140314 DIY.png

No 1. This birch bark photo holder is such a perfect addition to a dresser or nightstand!

No 2. Maybe I can convince my sister (who has a sewing machine) to make me some of these cute cotton + leather clutches. Erin? I know you read my blog

No 3. I've seen a lot of tray DIY, but this zig zag gold tray design is my favorite

No 4. Neon magnets! My friend Sam made cute magnets last weekend at crafternoon, and I think these ones are up next.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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