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Calligraphy Prints!

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My very first calligraphy prints are here and I couldn't be more in love! I had them digitally printed right here in the Bay Area on the most luxurious feeling paper I've ever encountered. They are 8"x10", and only $20! They would make such great gifts for weddings, your significant other, a new parent, or any other special people in your life. My sister already bought two to frame and give to her best friends for their bridal showers. I cannot wait to offer more prints like this is in my Etsy shop! What would you like to see written as a print?

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Etsy Offerings


I have been spending the last 2 weeks since my exams ended trying to completely redo my Etsy shop. I am going to be offering new items with new fonts. I'll still have stamps , escort cards, and envelopes, I am just changing what they look like! 


I will also be adding in some new items like wedding invitation suites, logo design, and prints!

One of the biggest changes to my shop will be my fonts. Ever since I started Brown Fox Calligraphy I have pulled myself in every possible direction when it comes to fonts. I draw inspiration from graphic design, other calligraphy, typography I see online, Pinterest, you name it. The problem with that was that I was constantly coming up with new fonts and wanting to put them in my shop. That made it really difficult to have a cohesive list and a cohesive feel for my calligraphy (in my opinion). 

Since I have made the transition to solely doing calligraphy and no longer offering hand lettering (on small items like stamps and escort cards), I made it a goal to determine only a couple of fonts I enjoy writing and keep coming back to and want to offer. I will still be doing hand lettering and design for wedding invitation suites, custom prints, etc. But I won't have 12 different fonts choices for things like address/name stamps or wedding cards. I am really excited to have a signature font (or a couple of signature fonts) because it makes me feel like I can focus more on my identity as a calligrapher.

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I have struggled with comparing my work with other calligraphers since I started, and I remind myself every day that what I do is all me and beautiful to some people. Not everyone has to like what I create, and I am learning to be okay with that. Sometimes it is hard to keep a healthy perspective on my own work because there are so many great artists and creative people out there (and I follow all of them on instagram obviously), but I believe in my talent and appreciate the support I get every day.

Once I have taken some pictures of the last few items I want to include in my shop, everything will go live and I can start taking orders again. I am extremely excited to get back into making pretty things for you guys!


I'm selling my very first hand made prints! Each one is $15 + $3 shipping, and I currently have "Live the life you have imagined", "You are my greatest adventure", and "brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast." Each print is 8"x10", and each one is unique since I am doing them by hand.

E-mail me at if you're interested in purchasing one!

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