The Jones Market

Candis from The Jones Market was kind enough to include my Greatest Adventure Print in a great giveaway she just hosted this past week! Her products are amazing, so I wanted to share an interview I did with her about her company. I had wanted to post this to run simultaneously with the giveaway, but being out of the country with a huge time difference changed my plans unfortunately. Better late than never because I love The Jones Market!

1. What gave you the inspiration to start The Jones Market?

In 2011 I created our very first necklace as a gift for a friend. She loved it so much she asked to buy another. I had recently left my job designing for a local photography studio to stay at home with our baby boy (we now have a little girl too!) and as word of mouth orders continued to stream in I decided to open up shop. Originally, I created the necklaces as pretty statement pieces for women, easy to dress up or down and lightweight enough to wear all day. It didn't take long to realize that babies LOVE them too. I spent the next two years researching and perfecting them and 6 generations later we have the tuggable, non-toxic necklaces you purchase today. What I love about our necklaces is that they have always been designed for all women but those of us who are mamas don't have to sacrifice beauty for function. The fact that they are baby friendly is the icing on the cake.

2. What is your favorite item that you are offering at this moment?

It is a toss up between the Limited Edition Watercolor Brights + Vanilla necklace and the Keychain Wristlets I just launched a couple weeks ago. I am just so in love with the Watercolor Brights fabric, it is so soft and dreamy. Every time I create a limited edition necklace I feel so bad taking one for myself, but this one I may just HAVE to have. The keychain wristlets are so special to me because I essentially dreamed up the idea for my own use. I had searched for a keychain I could easily slip on my wrist when getting kids in and out of the car for a long time and couldn't find anything. Finally I was like WAIT A MINUTE. The response has been incredible and it makes me really happy.

3. Where do you draw inspiration from for your items, especially when coming up with something new?

Usually I have an idea because it is something I want. When I first started almost three years ago there were no tuggable, non-toxic necklaces out there that I liked. I wanted something that I would choose wear whether I had my child with me or not. I didn't want to sacrifice style just to have something around my neck my baby could play with. So every step I have taken with new product always has to be something women would love whether or not they are mamas. 

4. What are your hopes and dreams for your business?

I hope to continue to grow. To continue to provide for my family.  I have big big dreams that feel too big to say out loud so I tip toe towards them daily. I'm hoping those tip toes will lend themselves to a big giant leap someday.

5. Any tips for individuals interested in starting their own business?

There are no shortcuts. Sometimes we think that if we read all the books and get all the training we will learn the shortcuts that will take us straight to success. Every single person I have walked this entrepreneur road with has sacrificed and worked the equivalent to two full time jobs for extended periods to gain momentum. That quote you see everywhere that says "Work hard and be nice to people" is so true. You will have some lucky breaks, but mostly it is long nights and early mornings. But it is so beautiful and fulfilling to work hard at something and see it pay off. Also - go your own way. Push yourself to produce your own ideas and products. I always get so bummed out when I see copycat shops pop up that are just stealing ideas. Don't sell yourself so short to believe that you can't find your own voice and take ownership of your own thing. You will go so much further selling your own idea than you will someone else's for the simple fact that it is yours. 

6. Any fun facts about yourself that you want to share?

I've have watched the entire series of The Office no less than 4 times all the way through while making necklaces and bracelets. Also: Scandal, Parks and Rec, Parenthood. Insert praise hands and fist bump emojis here. LOL.

My sister loves the necklace I bought her from Candis, and I am incredibly impressed with The Jones Market for tackling an issue that I can imagine affects all moms! Thank you Candis for the interview, and keep on making beautiful products!