pencils of promise

Pencils of Promise

I feel extremely fortunate to have met such incredible people in college and to see them take meaningful actions to change this world. One of those friends, Michael Pelehach, has been teaching for the last 8 months in Bulgaria, and just launched a campaign with his high school students as a way of challenging them and opening their eyes to the world. I am so excited to share this project with all of you because it's a reminder that everyone is capable of making an impact, and teaching the youth of our world about what they can contribute is the most valuable lesson!

From Mike...

Knowing my students are highly capable of achieving big things, I was troubled by two observations:

1. There is an alarming lack of philanthropy and volunteerism in Bulgaria
2. Many Bulgarians have a sense of pessimism that is a huge barrier to accomplishing big things; I think of it as almost a “communist hangover” effect

As their teacher, I refuse to let them succumb to this mentality, as it will impede them from reaching their full potential. To directly challenge these aspects of Bulgarian culture, I started catering my class content towards inspiring and empowering topics to teach my students that they possess the skills to truly make a difference in the world (crowdsourcing, leadership, fundraising, and community action).

These efforts built up to our big challenge:

through the Pencils of Promise organization. Mike and his class's campaign began yesterday, and their goal is to raise the $25,000 in 25 school days (ending on May 1st).

Pencils of Promise is a tax-deductible, non-profit organization. To sweeten the deal, they have their overhead covered, so that 100% of donations go directly towards constructing a school.

If you're interested and impressed by this amazing undertaking, you can see the video Mike's class made and donate here! You can also follow Mike's class on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! All of these accounts are run by his students to help keep you updated on the progress of the campaign.


To show my own support, 100% of proceeds from shop purchases until May 1st will be donated to the cause! I hope you all will consider supporting such an inspiring campaign and let me know if you have any further questions or want more information!